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Biolite Baselantern Xl

Biolite Sitelight XL

Biolite Sitelight XL

…glow that is a welcome break from the harsh glare of a headlamp. Set on 15 feet of cord and daisy-chainable, power it with the PowerLight or BaseLantern or any USB source with included adapter. Packing down to a pocketable stuffsack and clocking in at just 92 grams, it puts the 'light'…

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Biolite Baselantern XL

Biolite Baselantern XL

…miniature smartgrid. Featuring a 12000 mAh rechargeable li-on battery, the BaseLantern XL offers big power to light large group settings and charge your gear. A custom Low Energy Bluetooth app connects with your BaseLantern and unlocks a suite of features like sleep timers, proximity activation, and…

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RRP $219.95