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MSR Reflective Cord Kit

MSR Reflective Cord Kit

…CORD KIT.Whether you're hanging a bear bag or guying out a tarp this kit provides everything you need for a simple, efficient setup. The cord is reflective to minimize tripping and help you locate your gear at night. CamRing Cord Tensioners make tensioning the system simple and knot-free.

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MSR Cam-ring Cord Tensioners

MSR Cam-ring Cord Tensioners

ADJUSTABLE, KNOT-FREE TENSIONERS. MSR developed CamRing Cord Tensioners to make camp life simpler and easier. The simple ring design locks securely and adjusts easily, eliminating the hassle of tying and retying knots in cold or wet weather. CamRing Cord Tensioners perform best on cords from 1.5mm…

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