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DD Hammocks Whoopie Slings

DD Hammocks Whoopie Slings

A pair of our ready-made Whoopie Slings provide the lightest and most compact suspension for your hammock! Upgrade your hammock webbing to these high-strength slings to make it even easier to alter the height and angle of your hang. A fantastic modification for anyone looking to reduce the pack…

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DD Hammocks Tree Huggers - Regular

DD Hammocks Tree Huggers - Regular

Designed to grip but not damage - the tree, our Tree Hugger straps are wrapped around the tree as many times as required and have two end loops onto which you can clip your whoopie slings.

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DD Hammocks SuperLight Jungle Hammock Tent

DD Hammocks SuperLight Jungle Hammock Tent

… Add the full-width curved spreader poles and the Jungle Hammock becomes incredibly spacious. It also comes pre-fitted with our advanced Whoopie Suspension System a lightweight, knot-free way to suspend and adjust the height of your hammock. Take the Jungle Hammock on a hike or backpacking…

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